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At-School Sittings

Thank you for scheduling your studio session, and we look forward to seeing you! 

Please take a few moments to read important information for your session.


Remember to choose your outfits carefully!

Dress for what you feel most comfortable and confident in. We want you to feel your best and love your photos.

Solid tops are a great go-to; avoid horizontal stripes, as they can distract from your face.



For the 5-10 minute at-school sittings, only students will be allowed into the school at their designated time slot. We will be sending each senior home with information such as what happens next, a price list, and other important info. Please keep an eye out for that (or maybe check the back seat of their car!), as well as your emails, so you know what to expect next.


• Please make every effort to keep your scheduled appointment as schools need pictures by the start of the school year and our time allowance is limited within the summer. There is little to no room for rescheduling.

• If you have a work schedule, please be sure to inform your employer of this date with advance notice.

• At-school sittings cannot be done at the studio unless you choose to upgrade to a Studio Session.

• Because sessions are prepaid, they are non-refundable but may be rescheduled as long as there's availability on another date we are at the school.



Review our FAQ for info on what to expect during your session, payment info, and the next steps after your appointment.

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